What is clean eating?

Fresh, natural, free from artificial anything. This is my definition of clean food. Food that looks like it did when it came out of the ground or from the animal. Food that just LOOKS healthy. Clean food is colorful, crisp, fresh, juicy, flavorful. Clean eating means banning processed food. Artificial colors, flavors, fillers, texture enhancers, and shelf-life extenders are not meant to make you healthy. Your body does not need them or want them. Food should look and taste like it's ingredient(s).

Clean eating is about simplifying your food. Getting back to the basics. Food has become so complicated, and there are so many conflicting messages. Many intelligent people get caught up in the web of information overload, and end up confused about which foods are health promoting and which foods are not. I hear time and time again from friends and clients the desire to make healthy choices. They think they are making a healthy choice when they reach for something with a healthy sounding label at the grocery store . Splashy, bright labeling screams health buzz words like "Omega 3", "fiber", "lean", "all natural", "whole grain" and the list goes on. Just because a box shouts it's health benefits, does that make the substance inside healthy? Read the label. Complicated ingredients with names you can't pronounce don't need to be in your body. Clean eating is about taking a step back. Reclaiming our own health from the marketing machines that are trying to sell a product.

My method of clean eating is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. Deliberate and thoughtful steps that build on each other and allow you to build a foundation of health for a lifetime. You are faced with health choices many times a day. With clean eating, the healthy choices become easier and more apparent. Choices become healthy habits. Habits translate into a healthy life.

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